About The Trinity Mission

An ancient-form mission on the edge of the global village – one of the main works of The Trinity Mission is creating contemplative, formational opportunities and resources to help people to develop the habit of daily prayer.

We operate something like a web-based abbey, if you will, with various people doing various things for the kingdom of God but all coming together at particular hours of the day for prayer (of course, for us, the “set time” and “set place” of our common prayer services are a bit virtual).

The Audio Daily Office is a podcast offered in the morning and evening every day of the year. Thousands of people join together, according to their own schedules, to participate in this community formed by prayer. Our services are the Anglican prayerbook services for Morning and Evening Prayer (with a couple adjustments made for the fact that we’re a podcast and our participation includes at least several dozen countries).

As a community, the people of The Trinity Mission span many Christian traditions, however the director is an Anglican priest and the Mission itself maintains an historically Anglican Orthodox faith and practice.